The Environmental Data Science book is a living, open and community-driven online resource to showcase and support the publication of data, research and open-source tools for collaborative, reproducible and transparent Environmental Data Science.

The Environmental Data Science project aims to engage the wider scientific research community on information extraction and analysis from environmental sensors using innovative data science.

Fig. 1 Illustration by Scriberia as part of The Turing Way book dash in November 2021. Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5706310ΒΆ

The Environmental Data Science is:

  • a book

  • a community

  • a global collaboration

We target to make sense of:

  • environmental systems

  • environmental data and sensors

  • innovative research in Environmental Data Science

  • open-source tools for Environmental Data Science

We hope you find the content in the resource helpful.

The resource and executable notebooks are free under a CC-BY licence and OSI-approved MIT license, respectively.